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UBCO was founded on the idea of a Utility Electric Vehicle (UEV) that will transform the way people ride, work and play.

Kiwi technology company, UBCO, says its new two-wheel drive electric bike has the potential to redefine electric travel both on and off the road. 

UBCO is an award-winning company, which first tasted success at the 2014 National Agriculture Fieldays and has now become a global leader in the development of 2-wheel drive utility electric vehicles (UEVs). Where earlier models were for off-road use only, the 2018 UBCO 2×2 is street legal and equally suited to on and off-road use. The other good news – the UBCO bike comes under moped classification so riders only need a car licence to ride it.

The bike has a range of between 70km and 120km and while a full battery recharge takes about seven hours, the fact is, the bikes battery can be removed within seconds, so you can swap batteries, or buy two and swap one out while the other sits charging. The battery also doubles as a power source for all your tools, easily run or charge your power tools while out in the field.

With two wheels, two motors, no gas and no noise, they’re a dream to ride. They’re a great, lightweight bike and a fantastic piece of kiwi ingenuity.

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Ubco 2023 - 2X2