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Blair Howden

Co-owner, Operator, Sales Manager

Blair Howden lives and breathes motorbikes and is heavily involved in organising and running the local motocross and cross-country motorcycle events throughout Southland. He’s been in the automotive industry for well over 40 years, originally doing his apprenticeship in Winton at Graham Jukes Yamaha shop in 1976. Mechanically minded and involved in the agricultural industry, he spent two years working for Neil Neilson at Leet Street Invercargill on Stihl chainsaws, and put in the hard yards working in the freezing works in 1986 while setting up his motorbike repair business.

Blair is a family man, with two grown children; Mark and Danielle, and two grandchildren; Evie and Knox. Blair is incredibly proud of the fact that Winton Motorcycles is a family owned and operated business that supports Winton and innovation in New Zealand through businesses like UBCO.