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Year Built2020
Body TypeFarm Machinery - Other
Pasture Meter XC1 with Auto Lift
Tried, tested and true.
The C-Dax Pasture Meter is a simple to use device designed to electronically measure grass cover to enable farmers to make timely decisions from consistently accurate data for planning grazing rotations, identifying potential feed surpluses or shortages, and to fully utilise their pasture resource to enable their farming operation to realise its full potential.
High strength design weighing in at 75kg to eliminate bouncing, combined with advanced sensor technology enables speeds of up to 20kph while taking readings of 200 measurements per secondthats 18,500 readings over a single 500m pass.
Unlike other devices, rain, dust, operator weight, rough ground, temperature, humidity, or hill slopes does not affect Pasture Meters accuracy. Bundled options ensure you have everything you need right from the start including ongoing support from the team at C-Dax.
The XC1 model enables the user to record data via GPS placement then transmit wirelessly into feed management software to create feed wedges and budgeting forecasts.
Windows 7, 8 & 10 compatible.
Auto Lift kit for real convenienceno more stopping for tracks and gateways
Width (transport position) 1145mm
Width (measurement position) 1285mm
Length 1330mm; Height 700mm
Maximum height reading: 370mm
Minimum height reading: 10mm
Comes with:
Indicator console
Mounting bracket
Connecting cable
Feed management software
$7,333 +GST