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Kawasaki motorcycles are hardworking bikes that are fantastic for all the family to enjoy.

Kawasaki has great motocross bikes and side-by-side options for all. With today’s farmer serious about their business, Kawasaki offers a wide range of farm vehicles for hardworking kiwi farms that won’t let you down.

For kiwis, off-road riding is the perfect weekend sport and Motoworx Winton agree! Kawasaki provides a great range of bikes to suit your recreational needs. Whether you’re riding across farmland or through forest trails, or an off-road event. The Enduro, Motocross machine, Dual Purpose bike can be the bike for you for high-performance fun.

Kawasaki offers a great range of motorbikes for children and is a great way to introduce your kids to the fun-filled world of motorbikes. Motoworx Winton also stock a wide range of helmets, protective gear, and accessories to help keep your kids safe while they explore the world on a motorbike.

Motoworx Winton stock the Kawasaki motocross range including KX450, KX250, KX85 (big wheel or small wheel), KX65 and the farm bike range – the Stockman KL250, Brute Force KVF300, KVF 750, Bigfoot Mule KAF400, Mule Pro KAF820, and Mule Diesel KAF1000.

Motoworx Winton stock a good range of Kawasaki motorbikes for youngsters including the KX450, KX250, KX85 big wheel or small wheel, and KX65 two-stroke.

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$15995.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki BigFoot KAF400XMANN

$25995.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki 2020 KAF820FKF Pro FX

$28995.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki 2020 KAF820KLF Pro

$7295.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki 2020 Stockman KL250

$3995.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki KLX110

$9399.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki 2020 KLX300

$5945.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki 2020 KLX140

$7995.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki 2020 KLX230

$14995.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki 2020 KX450

$7295.00 inc. GST

Kawasaki 2020 KX85